Op. 11 Sonata Collection No. 1

The Opus 11: Sonata Collection No. 1 includes all ten of Beethoven’s violin sonatas, including Sonatas 1 – 3 (Op. 12), Sonata 4 (Op. 23), Sonata 5 (Op. 24), Sonatas 6 – 8 (Op. 30, Nos. 1 – 3, respectively), Sonata 9 (Op. 47), and Sonata 10 (Op. 96). Each sonata (including all movements) is transcribed and arranged for cello and piano. All the demo recordings are synthesized from my original scores, executed in Finale©, and played through a Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Synthesizer.

I have long felt that it is unfortunate that many beautiful classical works remain locked away and rarely enjoyed because they are inaccessible to most musicians, other than virtuosic performers. Therefore, this collection includes a “Redux” version of all movements, except for Sonata No. 5, Movement 3 (Scherzo) and Sonata No. 10, Movement 3 (Scherzo), which are quite accessible as is. The “Redux” versions are shorter in length and less technically demanding than the initial transcriptions. I hope these “Redux” versions will some of the outstanding elements of these brilliant pieces accessible to intermediate cellists.

All the pieces in the Opus 11: Sonata Collection No. 1 are available as cello parts and cello/piano scores, in PDF format. Recordings of the piano parts for the initial transcriptions and the Redux versions are available as MPs, upon request. Anyone interested in obtaining any of these materials is welcome to contact me at: MarkHughesPhD@gmail.com

Preview or Download Pieces From the Op. 11 Sonata Collection No. 1 A complete list of the pieces in the collection is provided in the Opus 11 Sonata Collection No. 1 Contents List. You can preview or download any pieces from the Op. 11 Sonata Collection No. 1 from SoundCloud.